About us


The Association of Public Prosecutors of the Republic of Macedonia (APP) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-political, non-profit, and voluntary organization in which the members of the Association freely join. The Association of Public Prosecutors of the Republic of Macedonia is formed on June 30th, 1999 at Leshok Monastery, Tetovo. The first elected President was D-r Todor Vitlarov, High Public Prosecutor of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office in Shtip, from 1999 to 2001, and elected was the first executive board of the Association.

The Association was formed by a group of public prosecutors that strived to be heard in a different way, to demonstrate that the institution has the power to protest the professional dignity of the public prosecutors, as the power of the public prosecutor is only as strong as the audibility of their voices. The immaculate reputation and the achieved results, such as preparation of draft legal texts, preparation and successful implementation of various projects in cooperation with renowned international institutions such as the OSCE Mission to Skopje, the US Justice Department’s Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance an training (OPDAT), State department Bureau on International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), ABA ROLI Program for defense advocates, the Macedonian BAR Association, the Embassy of the United Kingdom, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway, USAID, IOM, the Macedonian Judges Association (MJA), the Macedonia Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) and many others, are an indicator to the respect and reputation of the Association. Additionally, the Association participated in the preparation of the amendments to the Law of Criminal Procedure and the Criminal Code, as well as the Law on the salaries in the public prosecution and the Law of the public prosecution. The Association has prepared and published the Code of ethics of the public prosecutors which is implemented into the text of the Law on public prosecution, and failure to abide by the provisions of the Code is basis for instigating disciplinary procedure against public prosecutors.
Members of APP can be public prosecutor, counselors, law clerks, interns and other legal employees in the public prosecution, from the public prosecutor offices and the Council of Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Macedonia, during their employment and after retirement. The APP can elect honorary members for special contributions to the functioning and the affirmation of the APP. Every member of the APP is issued a membership card.
The Association of Public Prosecutors directs all its activities towards creating conditions for affirmation and promotion of the public prosecutor’s status, promotion of the profession, characterized by honesty, professionalism and respect for human rights and freedoms, and part of the activities are aimed at the education and international promotion of the Association.
In the following years, presidents of the APP were:
Kosta Petrovski (2001 – 2006), Gordana Geskoska (2006 -2009), Marko Zvrlevski (2009 – 2015), Spasenka Andonova (2015 – current)


  • Consistent application of the provisions of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia, international treaties ratified by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia and strengthening the principle of Rule of Law.
  • Strengthening and promotion of the social status and promotion of the social status and reputation of the public prosecutors profession.
  • Commitment to the consistent application and upgrading of the professional standards and interests of the public prosecutors.
  • Active relations and participation in the reform of the judiciary in the Republic of Macedonia, especially in the criminal area
  • Undertaking of activities for improving the technical and technological working conditions of the public prosecutors offices
  • Development and upgrading of the cooperation between the members of the APP
  • Cooperation with different associations in the Republic of Macedonia and cooperation and exchange of experience with associations from other countries
  • International affirmation and cooperation with the International Association of Public Prosecutors and other international association and organizations.


The Assembly of the APP is composed of representatives of the members of the Association from the Public Prosecutor offices. The Assembly adopts the Bylaws and decides upon its amending and supplementing, adopts the Code of Ethics of the public prosecutors, adopts the program, book of rules and other acts; adopts the yearly report, guidelines and work plan, final account and financial plan, decides upon amendments to the goals of the Association, association and separation from the association and registration in alliances and international of membership, elects the president and two vice- presidents as well as the members of the executive board, decides upon the termination of the Association, elects honorary members of the Association, decides upon appeals and objections on the decisions of the executive board as well as other matters.


The Executive Board of the APP (EB) is consisted of 13 members. The Executive Board from its members elects a president, two vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer. The mandate of the president, secretary, treasurer and the members of the executive board is 3 years with the possibility of reelection. The EB executes the decisions of the Assembly of the APP, adopts a rulebook, prepares the sessions of the Assembly, decides upon the amount and ways of payment of the yearly membership fee, accounts for and manages the property of the Associations, proposes honorary members to the Assembly, upon proposal of the secretary, approves the final account and financial plan, forms an administrative office of the Association and controls its work, proposes the adoption, amendments and supplements, forms committees and auxiliary bodies of temporary or permanent nature that assist in the implementation of the goals and tasks of the Association, elects and dismisses the editor in chief and the members of the editorial board of the informative newsletter and professional review, establishes and runs the solidarity fund of the APP, establishes the procurement committee for the needs of the APP.


The president of the APP represents the Association, manages the sessions of the Assembly, signs the acts and decisions of the APP, conducts other activities as authorized by the Assembly and the Executive Board.


The Secretary of the APP coordinates the work of the Executive board, participates in the preparation of the sessions of the Assembly and the meetings of the Executive Board, prepares and proposes the final account and financial plan of the APP, maintains the APP archives and daily correspondence, conducts other activities as per authorization of the Assembly and the Executive Board according to the provisions of the Statute.


Several committees are formed at the APP: Committee for education, statutory committee, International relations committee and publishing committee.


Bylaws, Code of Ethics of the public prosecutors, Book of rules of the Executive Board, regulations for rewards and compensation costs of the members of the APP and engaged persons, regulations for solidarity fund, regulations for membership cards and Book of rules for small value public procurement.